Lyndsay Emily

Promotional Photographic Portrait Services

Capturing Promotional Portraiture for You

I am a Montreal based creative, portrait photographer. My goal is to help you capture and create your vision to elevate your brand and style.

Imagery is essential for social media, portfolio building and online promotions. Whether you are a musician, social media influencer, small business or a job seeker, my dream is to assist you in capturing pictures that will promote yourself, brand and/or services.


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I have worked alongside many individuals with different promotional goals. Some of my recent projects have included collaborating with musicians in the studio to develop imagery for new record releases and working with TikTok influencers to capture content for social media. Feel free to investigate some of my previous creations!

Meet Lyndsay

Hello! My name is Lyndsay Wyndham. I have been passionate about collaborating with others to create their vision since 2015. I am all about capturing one's vision whether it be creatively, stylistically or aesthetically.

During my years of photography, I have worked with amazing individuals on a variety of creative projects: musician covers, influencer content, business imagery and personal headshots. Through all of these experiences, I have produced engaging content that sparks the interest of their given audience while continuing the development of their personal brand and/or style. Both my creative photographic skills and detail oriented Photoshop editing has allowed for beautiful photos to be developed.

My high attention to detail, positive energy, and efficient workflow allow for an engaging and entertaining photoshoot experience. From developing a concept to file delivery, I am here to make your media creation simple, effective and fun!

In addition to my years in photography, I also have a podcast. On the show, I talk to social media influencers from around the world. By speaking with these professionals, I have learned so much about the importance of creating high quality promotional content. These guests have also shared the inside scoop on how to spark engagement on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This knowledge assists me in delivering you with effective imagery.
Feel free to explore my website and follow me on Instagram. Also, if you have any questions, please email me. I check my email frequently and would be happy to talk.

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