The Social Light

Around the world people are looking to their devices and social media for entertainment. With this, social media influencers have become beyond prevalent. I sit down and talk to main influencers from all platforms and genres to discuss their experiences in the industry and where they hope to see it grow.

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Daphne Frizzle

Daphne Frizzle or “MsFrizzleArt” is a TikTok influencer who’s passionate about making art easy and accessible for everyone! Her content centers around teaching and inspiring through step-by-step painting tutorials.

Niki Victoria

Niki Victoria is a passionate content creator for all things beauty, fashion and photo related. Based in Toronto, Niki is also a full time fashion photographer and model with 5+ years of experience in both! Niki is known for sharing tips on posing in photos, fashion and beauty tips, and fun mini vlogs about her lifestyle. She made an appearance in one of Jubilee's most popular youtube videos, "Blind Dating 5 Girls Based On Their Outfits", walked in NYC Fashion Week, and joined Josie Bullard on her "Behind The Feed" podcast. 


Felecia is a software engineer, designer, and content creator with keen interests in social constructionism, sociology, philosophy, and technology. Felecia is a mid-tier influencer with over 300K followers on TikTok. Her content is educational and entertaining. She's an expert at describing complex topics and does so by referencing famous thought experiments, theories, and awe-inspiring stories that cause us to have a deeper understanding of the society we live in.

Erin McGoff

Erin McGoff is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, director, and editor looking to make the world a better place through storytelling. Upon graduating from film school, Erin received a fellowship from the Pulitzer Center to support her debut feature documentary about Laos, THIS LITTLE LAND OF MINES (Amazon Prime), which premiered in 2019 and went on to receive festival accolades and international distribution. McGoff has also completed three short documentaries, SOUTHERN SUSTAINABILITY (2018), NEW YORK IS SILENT (Pulitzer Center, 2020), and DARROUZETT, TX (PBS, 2020). As an editor and/or director, McGoff has worked with a variety of clients including Google, Hilton, National Geographic, Under Armour, Capital One, etc. McGoff currently lives and works in New York City as a full-time documentary filmmaker, director, editor, and content creator. She educates over 2 million people on TikTok and is working on her next big project.

Maddy MacRae

Maddy MacRae is an actor and comedy content creator from Sydney Australia. She is most well known for personifying food and alcohol in the stomach and went viral after her first stomach video where she played the iconic "slice of bread" you eat before a big night of drinking. She also produces comedy content about the realities of being a woman, being single and being a bit of a mess!

Yeh Slacks

Yeh is a professional slackliner, adventurer, and fun seeker.
She started slacklining at the age of 13 and competed at an international level within the same year. She left a career in tech to pursue her dream of having fun and since then has been featured in the New York Times, the Kelly Clarkson Show, and has amassed more than 2 million followers across platforms.
Yeh creates content with hopes of potentially inspiring others to get outside, follow their passions and search for fun! She refers to herself as the jack of all trades and master of none.
She is best known for her viral slacklining videos on the beach, videos of her highlining hundreds of ft in the air, and her adventure vlogs with friends and family! If she can make you smile, she considers that a rad day!

Carter Kench

Hey guys Carter here! I’m a social media influencer that basically vlogs my life :) whether it’s trying on a halloween costume or going to the beach I definitely do a lot of different things, so check me out on TikTok @cringecarter !


Cooper Bittman is 20 year old videographer and photographer raised in Denver, CO currently residing in Los Angeles. He picked up his first camera back in 2013 and has loved filming since. His recent projects have starred notable social media influencers and name brands pushing his creativity to the next level. Coop is looking to start a series of short films in the near future and push other creatives into this space.

Mike Panero

I’m a creative, goofy ADHD & Dyslexic comedic content creator born in Japan, raised in Santa Cruz, CA and living in LA with the goal to remove the stigma around ADHD, Dyslexia, and other learning challenges which I struggled with. I strive to remind people that we can find value in overcoming our own struggles and unique, personal challenges through humor, heart and love.

Maihua Lee

Maihua Lee, the tiktok star with over 2m followers, is currently pursuing their career in Acting. Finding their way on to shorts and even an upcoming feature film called Egghead and Twinkie, dropping next year.

Jordan Nataé

Jordan Nataé is a 19 year old dancer, actress, model and creator. She has been in the entertainment industry since she was 12 years old, but didn't get on TikTok until she was 17 in 2020 where she started creating viral videos. She currently has 1.9M followers and hopes to keep building and growing her following by sharing her talents and love with all her followers. Her dreams don't stop at just social media but she hopes to become an actress as well in the near future.


Ilyssa began posting animated videos to her YouTube channel, illymation, in 2018 as a hobby outside her assignments in animation school. When she shared her experiences with an abusive ex boyfriend and gave audiences the tools to spot the red flags in their own lives, her channel exploded in popularity later that same year. Since then, she’s continued to share stories worth sharing, from the lighthearted tales of fast food playgrounds, to the depths of dealing with depression and anxiety.

Liv Pearsall

[bio to come]

Tayler Fish

Just a 19 year old with psychology major at the university of guelph-humber trying to figure life out while trying to help others do the same. While being an avid LGBTQ and women’s rights activist I like to talk about the serious things nobody really wants to talk about all while keeping it light hearted with a tad of spice.

Canon Ryder

It’s so strange to hear someone call me a TikToker/ Influencer. I never thought people would google Canon Ryder and have my face pop up. As a content creator I try to make my content viewable for all ages while maintaining a funny and sarcastic approach. Through my journey this past year I have gotten the opportunity to meet and collaborate with so many amazing people I can still hardly believe it. As someone who finds joy in making others smile, it is heartwarming to see the positive impact a nobody like me can have on others. I plan to continue on this path I’m on in social media for as long as I can. Making iced coffee and jumping on my kitchen counter got my foot in the door! Now I’m ready to branch out and create ALL types of content, of course while still drinking an iced coffee!

Nate Weir

Nate started TikTok just over a year ago as a creative outlet and way to express himself. Through his journey to love himself, his passion for Disney, and somewhat recent devotion to fitness, he has been able to foster an inclusive community dedicated to being yourself and making progress towards your goals. 

 Kateryna Fylypchuk

Hi, my name is Kateryna. I make funny (and sometimes not very funny) videos on TikTok, a lot of which are about my life living as an immigrant in Canada. After graduating with a BA theatre degree and learning how to become a clown, TikTok was a perfect medium for me to pour my creativity into. I am so thankful for the community I’ve built and I hope I inspire others to be their most authentic selves.

Scott Kress

Hello! My name is Scott Kress and I am a content creator on TikTok. I started my account a little over a year ago just for fun and as I kept posting my account grew more and more. The first video I ever posted was me as a child pretending to film YouTube videos, and since then I have continued to post relatable and comedy style videos! This past year has been so exciting and I have loved being able to make videos, and friends along the way. I am so excited to continue making videos, and hopefully start posting on other platforms like Youtube and Instagram.

Oli Abbas

Oli is a fun, upbeat lifestyle YouTuber. He loves to post about  lifestyle, trends, beauty, tips & tricks, & all sorts of mischief. On his channel, he hopes to make you laugh and escape from the mundane day to day.

Shane Whalley

Shane Whalley or as he likes to present himself, CEO of Positive Vibes, has been known for using TikTok as a creative outlet and an accountable way of connecting with his community through his weightloss journey. After being bullied for nearly 21 years of his life, Shane is now proudly using his platform to bring awareness around eating disorders, mental health and a healthy lifestyle, which makes him the number 1 account to follow if you are looking for good energy and a sense of solidarity.

Salah Brooks

Salah Brooks is an absolute shooting star media sensation that has gained recent fame on Tiktok. Fans adore her for her quirky story-time recordings, eccentric lip-syncing, and energetic dance content. Salah has an incredibly motivating past, and she is always promoting positivity and well-being! She currently creates her content with her best friend, Theo Goff, while she travels around the US in a school bus.

Make sure to keep an eye on her. Salah is a star with the brightest of futures.

Austin Peyton

My name is Austin Peyton and I'm an 18 year old actor and social media influencer. I have been training as an actor and performer for over 10 years and attend a performing arts school. Being a social media content creator and influencer was never something I had thought of. When the pandemic hit, I began posting videos on TikTok for fun because all of my friends were. I decided to use the platform I was quickly growing to talk about topics that I am passionate about such as lgbtq+ rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, gender equality and so much more. I have expanded my content to talking about mental health and self love as well as videos of me acting. I now have a platform of over 2.6 million followers. Social media has opened doors for me to be able to pursue my true goal of establishing myself as an actor and being able to use my art and voice to inspire and help those around me. 

Mary Bennett

Hi! I’m Mary, and I am a content creator on TikTok. I am currently in university but use TikTok as a fun creative for myself and my friends. TikTok has allowed me to express interests and humour with other people. I have been growing my account for over a year now and hope to continue to do so!

Taylor King

Born and raised in Indiana, Taylor King, or better known as TK, created her juicy podcast ‘TK’s Juicy Pod’ in 2018 where she interviews well known and growing creators all while rocking her signature red lip. Aside from hosting her popular podcast, she’s grown her YouTube channel by showing her day to day life as a producer and basically the hype girl that we all need.


Bronte (Bee) is known for her creative storytelling selfies. She believes self-expression is the road to personal freedom, increased confidence, and a happy, fulfilled life. To this end Bronte encourages others to express themselves in every aspect of their lives, to think more creatively, and accept themselves as they are.

Sarah New

My name's Sarah New and I'm a 20 year old special effects makeup artist from the UK. I love to create elaborate and creative looks in bedroom during my spare time and also create fun entertaining makeup related content for my social media platforms like tiktok and instagram. I'm currently studying 'makeup for media and performance' at university but up until the age of 18 I was entirely self taught and have been experimenting with the art of makeup since I was 13 years old.

Oceanne Comtois

Oceanne Comtois is a Canadian legally blind college student by day, and social media content creator by night. She uses her experience with albinism, a genetic condition affecting her hair, skin, and eyes, to create lifestyle and educational content to show you what life "looks" like through her eyes.

Shannon Burns

Shannon Burns is a radio show announcer and content creator based in Toronto. She currently hosts the Evening Show on CHUM 104.5 and iHeartRadio Nights which airs on 15 stations across Canada. She enjoys connecting with her audience and has a passion for interviewing, having had conversations with artists like Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Miley Cyrus and Ed Sheeran. She also spends her time showing off the behind the scenes of her radio show on TikTok where she can be found at @itsshannonburns.


“Hey, it’s Reece again!” Although today I work on an Emmy-Award winning TV show and live in Manhattan, only several months ago I had graduated college with no job and no clue what my future would look like. So, like every other unemployed 22 year-old stuck at home, I began making TikToks! My one true passion in life is story-telling, so I decided to start telling stories through the videos I made on TikTok, and when I finally landed my first TV gig in July, I combined the two! Now, I document my life working in the entertainment industry, living in NYC, and I also create/share fun and wholesome content I think people might enjoy! I never would’ve thought I’d gain a following on TikTok, but I genuinely smile everyday knowing how wonderful and supportive all of my followers on the app have been and continue to be.


I'm Kris Collins and I was a hairdresser/lash technician before the pandemic started. After COVID forced me to close my salon doors, I turned to TikTok to alleviate the boredom of quarantine, and after few weeks of making silly videos, I went "viral" and gained a large following in a short amount of time. Since joining in April I have gained 15 million followers and I'm having so much fun creating content. I am a full-time creator now on several platforms, and I never thought any of this would happen.


Born and raised in Cochrane, AB Canada, Kelsey started traveling the world as an international fashion model when she was only 14. From her modeling career, she was able to visit 25 countries and soon began a travel blog! Quickly deciding that blogging wasn't for her, in 2019, she met a group of photographers in Toronto and her photography career was born.
Kelsey had begun photography using her dad's polaroid camera when she was 10 years old, but had never considered photography a career. With a unique vision, she created unusual imagery that tells each brands' individual story. She has since worked with over 50 brands for collaborations on instagram as well as lifestyle product photography and videography for their personal marketing uses.
Kelsey's goals are to continue traveling and working with outdoor and lifestyle brands from all around the world in various countries.

Katy English

Katy English is a blogger and Instagrammer from London. She started growing her platforms in 2014, and has now been a full-time content creator for nearly three years. In 2019 she started a January photography challenge to push her creative boundaries, and has since become known for her magic fairytale images created in Photoshop. She also shares midsize outfit videos and cosy lifestyle content, and when she's not on her phone, you can usually find her watching fantasy movies, reading old murder mystery novels, or cooking up something in the kitchen.

Joel Robison

Joel Robison is a creative portrait photographer from Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada. His work is a blend of whimsy and realism and focuses on the fine line between our imagination and the real work around us. Much of his work is inspired by his own interpretations of real life events, dreams, fears and his understanding of mental health. His work has been featured around the world with clients like Coca-Cola, Google, Oprah Magazine, Adobe and others. He has taught workshops both online and offline around the world and is passionate about inspiring other artists to develop their own creative identity.